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Depending on the situation, drug crimes can be prosecuted by state or federal authorities. Thus, the best thing you can do to protect your rights and your future is to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled drug crimes in the past.

In addition to the criminal penalties, a drug crime conviction can ruin your life and put your future, career, and family in jeopardy. After spending years or decades, in prison, attempting to return to normal life is extremely challenging and finding employment and housing can be difficult. As such, it is in your best interests to fight the charges with the help of an experienced defense attorney. At T. Kirk Truslow, P.A., our Myrtle Beach drug crimes attorney has represented clients who have been charged with all types of misdemeanor and felony drug offenses.

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Types of Drug Crimes in South Carolina

Each state has its own drug laws although the federal government has enacted laws governing prescription and illegal drugs. In South Carolina, drug offenses can range from misdemeanors to felonies, depending on the alleged criminal activity, type of drugs, and amount involved. If a conviction is obtained, it can result in sentences ranging from probation to mandatory minimum sentences as high as 25 years to life.

Our drug crimes lawyer represents clients facing charges for:

  • Drug possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Trafficking in drugs
  • Drug distribution
  • Manufacturing drugs
  • Drug conspiracy
  • Obtaining drugs by false pretenses

An individual could be charged with a drug crime for illegal drugs, such as marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, LSD, ecstasy, or illegal possession or distribution of prescription medications. The charges can be brought by the State or Federal Government, and if convicted, the potential sentences depend upon several factors, including the classification of the drug, the amount of drug involved, and other issues.

What are the Penalties for Drug Crimes in South Carolina?

The penalties for a drug crime conviction vary widely, depending on the specific type and amount of the drug, the number of prior offenses, and the alleged activity that the defendant is accused of committing. Prior drug convictions can significantly impact the sentencing if you are convicted. For example, a second, third or subsequent offense may result in a longer prison sentence and larger fines compared to a first offense.

In addition, the court may consider the purpose of drug possession, such as:

  • Personal use
  • Intent to distribute
  • Manufacturing
  • Trafficking
  • Distribution

The specific sentence a defendant may be facing varies, according to the charges and other factors. However, you could be facing years, or even decades, in prison and fines ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Our Myrtle Beach drug crimes lawyer can evaluate the charges and evidence against you to explain what you may be facing if you are convicted.

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Your best defense requires that you retain the services of an experienced Myrtle Beach drug crimes attorney, such as Kirk Truslow, to defend your case. Mr. Truslow uses a results-driven and individualized approach to defending clients who are accused of a drug crime. If a client is under investigation, he uses his extensive knowledge and decades of criminal law experience in pre-indictment investigation and negotiation to best overcome potential flaws and inconsistencies that could impact your defense.

When a client has been indicted and charged, Mr. Truslow thoroughly prepares a strong defense to try the case at trial before a jury, mitigate punishment if convicted, and argue that charges should be lowered, dismissed, or considered for intervention programs. In addition to criminal defense at trial, he is a skilled appellate attorney with the experience needed to handle appeals. Thus, Mr. Truslow is the best-suited attorney for your serious charge.

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